I went to the English improvement class于是,每到期末考试,最让我头疼的就是英语,每次总会考砸这时,妈妈知道了我的心声,就鼓励我去报班学英语在妈妈的细心开导下,我上了英语提高班Sure enough, in the fi。

english is very important for useveryone wants to learn it wellmy english is very goodhow do i learn english?first,i listen to the teacher and make notes carefully in classi revise my old lessons an。

Dear Zheng,I am Li hua,I heard that you want to make friends who are learning English,I am glad to tell you that I am the people that you are finding!I know that you are interested in learning。

学英语的经历英语  英语学习经历

Everyone has their own English learni ng experience In junior high school, my English was very poor At first , I couldn#39t spell t he words I couldn#39t understand gramm ar I also scared to speak。

I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from nonnasals they sound exactly the same in my dialect Thus。

it is a sunny day when i wailed around my school suddenly,i heard some one crying lightlyi search for the depressed voice and then i found a girl who wear our school suitshe told me she was sad。

学英语的经历英语  英语学习经历